About ChemGradEd

History: This website is hosted by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Oklahoma. OU has been actively involved in advancing graduate education in the chemical sciences since its participation in the Carnegie Initiative on the Doctorate (CID) from 2001-2006. The American Chemical Society assumed responsibility for reform in 2011 when a commission was established to examine the future of graduate education in the chemical sciences. The commission published its findings in 2013. The final report is available as an executive summary and as a full report.

Purpose of this Site: While there exist considerable resources for K-12 and undergraduate curriculum development, there are essentially no central web-based resources for graduate education, and certainly none that focus on the chemical sciences. This website exits for the exchange of ideas and materials for curriculum reform in the chemical sciences. The focus on this beta site is on the eleven chemistry departments that participated in the CID (the CID-11), although anyone who is interested in developing chemistry graduate curricula is certainly welcome to contribute.